• IzE

Atlanta on FX Series Premiere Tonight

Tonight is the night for Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino bka Rockbridge's Finest new series, Atlanta, to premiere on cable network FX at 10pm est/9 cen.

I previewed the series at the Georgia Aquarium a few weeks ago and it was as if I was partially watching my life, or my friend @SeanLucPicard's life, in action. It was pretty hilarious.

"Atlanta" depicts the life of two cousins who make their way through the southern city's rap scene to improve their lives and ultimately deal with the tomfoolery that Atlanta always manages to bring. It's very funny yet very real.

I'll be live tweeting and doing recaps on this show weekly, so please stay tuned to my site to engage with me about how you enjoy the show and each episode.