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B.A.N.: Atlanta S1, E7 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

This week's show was interesting. I didn't get a chance to live tweet but I did notice that the plot didn't really add to anyone's storyline yet it had great plots about the whole Rachel Dolezal 'trans-racial' bit as well as racial/sexuality tolerance. There was also some good mention about how rappers basically just say whatever they want in order to get paid. Touchy but true as always Donald. Check for the recap below.

First Things First then we Recap:

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No intro song this week but Atlanta did give us some faux commercials that will have you leaning on the edge of your couch. I won't delve too much into that but I will drop a few images to keep you on your toes.

B.A.N. is Atlanta's version of B.E.T. and Montague is their late night show. Not as good as Ed Gordon of course. Montague is hosting a host this evening with Paperboi and the Head of the Center of Trans Issues, Dr. Debra Holt.


Montague jumps rights in and asks Paperboi to talk more about a comment he made about Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) during a Twitter rant. Paperboi responds saying he just heard about transexuals to be honest and that Caitlyn Jenner, in the big scheme of things, is not important to his life. As Dr. Holt speaks her side, Paperboi laughs throughout the discussion.


Dr. Holt begins to tell Paperboi that although he considers himself a heterosexual/straight rapper, his lyrics reflect a more sexually fluid lifestyle and that Black men are not ready to accept the implications of a trans-accepting culture. Paperboi just wants to rap what he wants and make money. Why does it have to be so hard?


After the commercial, Montague goes into a segment where we meet a 16-year-old teen named Antwon Smalls identifying as Harrison Booth, a 35 year old white man. In the segment, Antwon tells the correspondent how he misses Denver, works for Coca Cola, and wears Patagonia and brown leather belts in order to prepare for live after a surgery that should fully change him into a white man. The awkward nod they had at the end of the interview pretty much sums up how stupid the whole trans-racial thing is.


Paperboi thinks he is being persecuted because of how people are responding to things in rap and hip hop that are common. Dr. Holt replies that he is whining about 'chickens coming home to roost'. That phrase is saying 'what goes around, comes around' and she is saying that his so-called persecution is what trans-people are feeling now because of his words.

Why SHOULD Black people care about Caitlyn Jenner and speaking about tolerance for the lgbt community? Baynard Rustin is a great example of advocating for the fight for civil rights and gay rights on different platforms and making waves doing that. They were closely related but they are not the same. In Paperboi's moment of explaining that there is no tolerance for Black people so he should be free to use the 1st Amendment. Dr. Holt agreed. Montague was stumped.


After more of the faux commercials aired, Montague returns with an update on Antwon. I mean Harrison. Harrison, although being laughed at by Paperboi, defends his rap lyrics and further discriminates against gay marriage and trans-people.

This episode does a 180 from the sitcom format we're used but still manages to hit home with the topics important in our communities. I cannot wait to see next week! Season finale coming soon - Tuesday, November 1st! No questions from me this week. I wonder, should I have Season Finale party?!