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Go For Broke: Atlanta S1, E3 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I can't take that these episodes are only 25 minutes but in reality this is my daily life minus the drug dealing so how much am I really missing?!

I think what I really enjoy about Atlanta is that I can relate entirely too much and share/explain it with so much detail to those who just don't get it.

Episode 3's plots are hilarious in situation but so true in storytelling, except for the handcuffed briefcase. Also this episode moved a lot quicker in the story line than the past episodes, or maybe I'm tripping.

Let's hop right into it.

First Things First then we Recap:

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I have never been to Zesto's but I hear it's good. Earn stopped there to get a kid's meal and was sadly disappointed by their newest day manager when she firmly said "No," because he was not a kid. The worker's response to Earn about a kid's meal reminded me of that time I was at Bojangles on Old National Hwy and I wanted a ranch after I already paid for my meal in the drive-through. She started saying she was a Manager-in-Training and I had to pay .27. I pretty much reacted how Earn did but at least he got his juice. This week's intro song was Kodak Black's "Skrt".


Earn retreats to cousin Alfred's house to smoke and play video games while discussing their next steps in the rap business. When Earn inquires how Alfred makes money, he realizes that he is up for more than bargained for when trying to keep him out of jail and focused on the brand.


Van returns home to find Earn on the couch locked in on his laptop. Carrying their daughter, she goes straight to the bedroom without saying hi. Earn doesn't understand the dismissal and repeats "Hi" to her in their daughter's room. Exclaiming that she was upset that he didn't immediately get up to help her as she entered, he talks her off her angry black woman ledge and asks her out to dinner. His imitation of hotep guys was cute.


You know on direct deposit day when you wake up and check your account? The next morning, Earn did that and only had $96. Damn his job sucks. His coworker tells him that he can take Van out to a nice happy hour in Midtown. He can't back out now.


Darius is the most interesting character in this show. While cleaning their guns in preparation of a huge drug deal they have planned for later that night, Alfred questions Darius on his gun nicknames. Disregarding his continued foolishness, Alfred gets the drug deal confirmation and they are ready to go.

Headed to their date in Van's car with Earn driving (I don't understand why he driving her car, but I digress), parking is slim in Midtown. In true Atlanta fashion, a crackhead/homeless man/street bum comes up and says he will watch their car for the late night street gang (aka tow truck) for $10. Van knows this man cannot be trusted with her car and commands Ern to take them to valet. Valet is $10. Now Earn is down to $52, if we're counting.


Members of the rap group Migos guest star in Alfred and Darius's drug transaction that takes place in the middle of nowhere. Darius, who felt it was professional to handcuff himself to their briefcase of money, left the key to the handcuffs at home. Once they arrive to do the deal, one of the Migos has business to take care of and ask them to wait by the fire. This whole scene begs so many questions.


Finally seated in the restaurant, Earn learns that there is no happy hour and the prices have changed severely. I'm not sure what Earn is trying to prove but he should've grabbed Van and got the hell on. I'm sure there was a place nearby, at least walking distance considering it's Midtown, that is more affordable with a Scoutmob/Groupon. Van orders a drink and encourages Earn to order a $28 soup. This is, in fact, the same girl that has shouted at Earn for the last 2 episodes about how he doesn't take care of his daughter. Atlanta heaux shit. Don't take care of your kids but let's hit Pappa Deaux for the IG though.


Alfred gets questioned by the Migos drug dealer when his phone starts ringing. The drug dealers immediately pull guns during their conversation. Earn is calling him for a money transfer to pay for the Van's dinner date. Pushing Earn off the phone, they drop the guns and apologize. Turns out Alfred is not a problem after all. They do the deal and when leaving the trailer park, Alfred and Darius secretly proclaim that the 4th member of the drug group will be dead by the end of the night. Tough crowd.


Earn manages to pay for the dinner and get Van back home safely. Telling her more and more about his dreams and how he can take care of them if she just gives him the chance, she disregards it. He hits her where it hurts regarding her Instagram boutique goals. Shutting the door on him because of his sly comments, Earn continues to tell Van through the door that he knows he can support them and provide for his child, she just needs to give him a chance of some sort. Moving past the silence, Van opens the door and tells him the whole this is stupid. Sorry Earn, it was heartfelt though.


1. Where does Migos deal drugs? (I'm thinking North Georgia)

2. Will Earn get a new job?

3. Is Alfred gonna get caught with the drugs on the way home?

Until next week!