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Juneteenth: Atlanta S1, E9 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I can't believe we are one episode away from the season finale of Atlanta. It's been such a great show.

Episode 9 takes us on a trip down Boule lane and Van trying to impress people once again. Lots of great shots in this episode so enjoy the imagery. Let's get right into it.

First Things First then we Recap:

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Earn is really a piece of trash. The show begins with Van picking Earn up from a girl's house in the early afternoon. In the car, Van asks Earn if he is high. He responds "Not really." I guess the smell of sex was similar to his typical weed aroma. They spent the drive going back and forth about the window being up so that Van's hair would not mess up. I've been there sister.


Van and Earn arrive at a huge house to meet her former boss, Monique, at the door for a Juneteenth party. I've been to a Juneteenth festival in the West/AUC are before. It was mostly a circle of hotep-ish stands, black art, and a competition of men telling women they were Black queens yet still whores. #lesigh Van was fired from her job in a previous episode so she was gratefully invited to the party hopeful there are potential job connects in attendance.

At the door, Monique welcomes them to the party and titles Earn "Mr. Hubby". Van has apparently lied about their relationship and I'm curious how Monique wouldn't notice considering they do not wear rings.


Right inside, we hear costumed slaves singing slave songs and Monique's brief MTV Cribs overview that ended in 'Bathrooms upstairs, downstairs, many many bathrooms". Monique's husband, Craig, walks downstairs and introduces himself to Earn and Van. Craig recognizes Earn but cannot place him, "Maybe the Cherokee Town and Country Club?" Craig is white.


Earn's trip to the bar to get Van a vodka & cranberry turned into a lesson in etiquette. Once arriving to the bar stand, he is told to "wait in the queue." Then once he make his order, the bartender explains that they are on a strict cocktail menu. He ended up with something that had triple sec.


Later in Craig's study, Earn sees a piece of art on the wall and Craig appears behind him with a Malcolm X quote. Earn inquires about the different pictures around the room and Craig reminisces on his time in Africa. Ultimately he begins to question Earn about his heritage. Earn has no idea what is happening and Craig is oblivious.

Earn and Van meet back at the food table where Earn is finding the entire party comical and Van is feeling the effects of whoring herself out. It wouldn't be whoring out if she knew how to network better.


In efforts to do a better job of pretending, Earn and Van take a seat with a playwright at the party. Earn has his best White Man's voice on when she talks about her new play that will be at the Rialto next month. A play about gang members kidnapping a pastor, drug dealer, and pregnant teen in a strip club during Hurricane Katrina. What the hell lady?

Next stop, a megachurch preacher that says he will teach Earn money management and how to treat Van right. Van walks off and Earn moves on to the next subject. Last stop, a group of classy girls from the Jack and Jill chapter of Atlanta. The Boule folks! They inquire about Earn's occupation and he found it easiest at this point to say he does nothing. He then begins to praise Van for everything she does in their 'marriage' and celebrate her as his 'wife'. The girls are amazed and want Van in the chapter. Connect made! Good job Earn! But wait...this leaves Van lost for words and she runs off to the bathroom to cry. Tears of some kind of happiness.


Monique catches Van to pull her away, telling her that they are the 'couple of the night' and Craig catches Earn to invites him to come watch his live poetry bit.

While outside on the balcony with Monique, they discuss the perils of being married to a crazy white man who see black people as a hobby. Monique enjoys the riches of her life, but could care less about the love and companionship expected in marriage. She likes her money more than anything. To her, Van 'married' good but she married up. Then she poorly quotes something from "For Colored Girls...." This scene couldn't be anymore ridiculous and sad at the same time.Meanwhile....


This offensive def poetry jam that Craig is performing has him doing a mix of awkward movements and sounds from ghostly motion pictures. The crowd of Black attendees surround him to watch but it's truly nerve wreaking to imagine his thought process on this.

Earn drifts off from the poetic performance until someone trips over his leg, spilling a drink. Earn gets up to find Van to leave but he is stopped by two young Black valet men that inquire about Paperboi. One of the valet men try to hand Earn his sister's panties for Paperboi. Earn manages to get out of that. Craig and Monique walk up on Earn to shoo the valet boys away before they yell out that he is in fact associated with Paperboi. Ahhhhh, Craig now remembers where he remembers Earn from. The news because of the Paperboi shooting.


Monique shades the fact that Earn is a rap manager while her husband is trying to tell her that 'underground rap is bigger than being about money'. Craig also mentions the shooting and Monique gets shady about that as well saying "You can't choose your family huh? Every decent person has at least one trifling thug in the family." Although Craig did see that comment was messed up, that was the last straw for Earn. He basically told them they are both dumb and that Craig tries to stunt on him about their culture.


Well what a night. Headed home, Earn tells Van he will call Monique in the morning to apologize. Van asks Earn to pull over. When he does, thinking she is sick, she comes on to him. She starts kissing him and hops on top of him in the driver's seat.

This show is all in the details. From the pretending to the conversations they had with other attendees to Van getting drunk - Atlanta is really telling too many truths and so many stories. :crosses fingers for Season 2:


- Will Van get back with Earn after that sweet statement of his and their drunken rendezvous?

- How will the Jack and Jill chapters of Atlanta feel about this episode?