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#31Savage: Narrating Your Life List (UPDATE)

I read on Justice Fergie’s website about her Life List-100 Things She’d Like to Do Her Lifetime, a list she created in preparation for a women's retreat she had coming up.

I loved the idea of the list but wanted to push myself to incorporate where I am in this list and any steps I’m currently taking to make these things happen. Also, I just finished my 29th birthday so I figure, why wait 'til 30?!

Creating this list has really empowered me to pull from my transition into a more spiritual life. My personality isn’t for everyone and I’m not perfect, but God created me and I am doing the work to grow into everything he wants me to be so I’m loving what I’ve come up with. I truly do my best to practice discernment, positive behavior, and a service attitude. Sounds a lil’ corny right? Maybe not but either way I’m ok with that.

So! I want to share my life list as my 29th birthday comes and give insight as to why I feel like the list item will impact my life and the life of others. Hopefully you will be inspired to write yours and put into the universe everything that you want to live your best life.

To narrate your life list, you have to write down and give account of what you want, steps you're taking to get it, and why it's important to you.

Here we go! It’s kinda long but yours will be too!

Develop and Executive Produce a Franchise Reality Show – I started pitching this show in April 2016. Thank God for Black Panther and a new cast, we're getting traction like never before on my unscripted series QUEENS. :fingers crossed:

Write and Produce an Award Winning TV Series – I am STILL working on treatments for 2 scripted shows I came up with. Ultimately I recognized I have to slow down on mastering this craft. I'm taking Shonda Rhimes Masterclass to get started and learn.

Event Produce an Entertainment Awards Show Ceremony – My initial goal in times’ past was to produce an awards show. I actually did that this year (Thanks Americasmart!) I actually have been very interested in being involved in the production of the BET Awards, no movement on this goal just yet.

Give an Influential Award Winning Speech Sharing my Testimony – It's coming.

Live in California, Italy and Africa - I am bi-coastal! Living in LA and Atlanta. I am makign regular trips to Nigeria and I started looking for property in Italy.

Find Exercise and Physical Activity that I Love – Hot yoga and cycling!

Generate a Comfortable Income from my Creative Work - I am full-time and remote with Home Depot.

Speak Spanish and Igbo Fluently – I still just listen to Selena and translate. As far as Igbo, I just tell my parents to repeat everything they say in English STILL.

Make Founders and Pearls a Six-Figure Business – I closed this business. It was a learning experience.

Be on City Council, Community Committee, or hold a Political Position

Host an Amazing, Inspirational 30th Birthday and Brunch in Atlanta – I think my Wakanda 30th birthday party was pretty amazing.!

Be an Event Manager and Attend SXSW in Austin, TX - Goal is 2020!

Charter a Private Jet for my Friends and Family Just Once

Help My Mom Lose Weight, Walk, and Open a School/Institute – This is a process but there has been progress in various areas. She is walking without a cane I believe and back to swimming.

Work with the Bridgewatch Angels In San Francisco – I am on their mailing list to sign up.

Build My Dream Home w/ a Large Driveway, Wraparound Porch, and Courtyard – I have a Pinterest Board.

Publish Multiple Books – I have the title and concept for 2 of the books already.

Visit Fiji

Play Mas in Carnival Anywhere

Become a Pastor

Own an Amazing Luggage Set and Travel Outfit

Learn ASL

Adopt a Foster Kid

Really Learn How to Apply Makeup – STILL IN PROGRESS!

Become a Master at Pole Dancing – I supposed to be purchasing a $50 Unlimited Month of Classes at Polelateaz.

Attend the Ahanotu Family Reunion

Own a Canopy Bed Frame for my Room

Own a DSLR Camera - I need solid recommendations.

Own a Stationary and Unique Goods Shop attached to my Writing Brand – IN PROGRESS!

Own Another Cat!

Curate a Signature Black Wardrobe with Classic Pieces and Timeless Patterns


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