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Nobody Beats the Biebs: Atlanta S1, E5 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

I lowkey hate that it took 6 minutes to get to my favorite character Darius, but it was worth it. Atlanta continues to shake things up each episode. Let's get right into this recap.

First Things First then we Recap:

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Alfred opens the show on a red carpet for a charity event. Earn stands in the background really getting his "manager" on. As they make their way into the event, Alfred drifts off to talk to a popular reporter. Alfred's mini fame from Paperboi has gotten to his head as he flirts with the reporter; asking her to interview him and simultaneously go out on a date. She mentions that she knows exactly who he is, "The guy who shot someone." Welp! She could only disregard him for so long until a colleague rescues her. Uggggghhhh Alfred can be so basic sometimes. This week's intro song is Billy Paul's "Am I Black Enough for You" which I enjoyed.


So it's really hard to explain this but not really. Justin Bieber comes to the charity event and Alfred has huge problem with him. Bieber is knocking over things as he walks in and the crowd screams before seeing Alfred and saying "Aye! You're that nigga who blew that other nigga's brains out. Cool." Alfred can't seem to let that moment down. Earn encourages Alfred to be nice and that maybe they should do a song together, but Alfred is not feeling it. Justin is called over for an interview with the same reporter that dismissed Alfred but ultimately puts his hand in the her face before dabbing. He's just so cool right?

Alfred heads to go get ready as Earn starts on his way inside the event. A white woman smoking a cigarette walking behind him is calling for "Alonzo". He eventually turns around and before he can say that he is not "Alonzo," she starts up a conversation and takes him to a VIP area of the event. The VIP security lets the white lady in without her event pass but stops Earn. She convinces them to let him in. #whiteprivilege

Finally Darius enters the show while at home getting ready to go out. A TV show about guns is playing in the background as the camera scans the room. Darius is transitioned to a gun range purchasing bullets and poster to shoot at.

Once her enters the actual range and sets up his poster and gun, neighboring shooters are surprised at his target.

Justin Bieber is plain disgusting. Flip back to the celebrity charity basketball game and he is peeing right outside the locker room. This upsets Alfred once again as he really cannot stand the Biebs. The game starts and although everyone participating realizes that this is a game for charity, Alfred does not want Biebs to have his way. They trade silly insults and verbal attacks throughout the game.


Darius has upset the other range shooters by shooting at a dog. A white male duo walks over to confront him about his choice of target. Darius, being the aloof person that he can be sometimes, explained that other target are too specific and the dogs in his area are dangerous. The white man does not accept but a group of Latino men come to his "rescue". It's not a real rescue because the shop owner walks over, points a gun at Darius, and pretty much explains that "he's gotta go". Poor Darius. He's suffering from Shooting While Black.


We find Earn in VIP talking to other guests about potential opps for Paperboi. They don't realize he isn't supposed to be there and he's managed to make himself appear to belong in the room. After grabbing their business cards to connect in the future he goes to the open bar and gets a drink. Janice joins him shortly after his first sip and they begin to reminisce on their initial introductions. She still doesn't realize that Earn is not Alfonzo.


Janice is clearly a smoked out, drunk lady who was too privileged to even realize all Black people don't look alike. After talking through where her and Alfonzo met and their time at said company together, she begins to barrage Earn as Alfonzo. She insults him for ruining her life and basically 'taking what was hers'. Earn was so lost and confused, he grabbed her and told her that he was not Alfonzo. She ended with a kiss on his lips and saying "I'm gonna make sure you die homeless." Weird AF.


Alfred really has it out for the Biebs as they are still battling on the court for who is the Blackest. In front of their teams and kids throughout the crowd, Bieber goes in for a dunk and Alfred knocks him clean out of the shot and he hit the floor. Atlanta's own Lil Zane and Lloyd make guest appearances on the bench as Alfred and Justin begin fighting on the court. In the words of my friend Rob, bless to all involved.


After the fight, a press conference begins with Justin Bieber apologizing for his behavior and how it's been affecting so many people. He says that he "loves Christ" and has a new song to sing from his new album. The same reporter from earlier in the show, turns to Alfred after he ushers her into another pointless conversation. She reminds him that he is a rapper and that he needs to play his part. Everyone can't be a pop star like Justin Bieber. Fair revelation considering the times we're in now.

The thing is, Justin Bieber is Black in this show. Yes, Black. Basically, all those times that the media went in on Justin Bieber for hanging with Black people, doing "Black" things, and not being the "Never Say Never" Biebs that we all once knew, this episode tells that story.

Justin Bieber is apologizing for acting Black insinuating that Black people should be apologizing for who they are. Great job Donald.

This episode left no unanswered questions! Earn still ain't got no job and it was nice to see Darius without the crew. Let me know in the comments what questions you'd like to see answered this season! Until next week!