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The Club: Atlanta S1, E8 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

This was a really cool episode that took me all the way back to my early college days at Primetime and Crucial. Earn is taking the manager role seriously these last few episodes. Alfred AKA Paperboi has been out here. Let's get into this week's show.

First Things First then we Recap:

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Armed with 3 bottles of Champagne and a few of his homeboys, Paperboi has a section in Primal Nightclub (which is a real nightclub in Atlanta). Waving at chicks that walk in and pass by, he immediately gets his first "Fuck You." This week's episode intro song is Future "Real Sisters."


Paperboi instructs Earn to get his payment for the night because he doesn't trust Nigerians - only to find out his bestie Darius is Nigerian. That alone is still to be determined.

Earn begins his journey on getting paid from a promoter. Whew, tough crowd because their first encounter involves him trying to follow Chris, the Nigerian Promoter, to the back of the club to get paid. The lights go down in the club and he loses him in the crowd. This won't be the first or the last time. Paperboi exclaims to Darius how much he hates the club, doesn't want to be there, and how he hates Marcus Miles. Paperboi is more jealous of Marcus Miles than anything. Darius reminds him, after his random dancing, that it isn't that bad and they're getting paid. He then proceeds to show Paperboi an invisible car that Marcus drives and has been flaunting on his Instagram. :insert face palm:

Darius turns things around by getting Paperboi hype about the girls surrounding them and the potential turn up opportunity. It's clear though that Darius is #creepsquad.

Earn finds Chris at the bar buying shots. Playing off the fact that they lost each other, Earn asks about his money again and Chris is happy to do it...after he drops off shots to some partygoers. He enlists Earn's help only for Earn to find out is another setup that deviates from him getting paid.


Paperboi is getting to know a young lady in his section while the infamous Crime Mob's "Knuck If You Buck" is playing in the background and Darius leaves VIP. Earn is still on the search for Chris. He finds him for the 3rd time, in the bathroom. Earn even refuses to wash his hands so that Chris cannot dip on him once again.


Chris invites him to the bar and buys him a La Croix. La Croix is disgusting but I digress. After they cheers to who knows what, Earn turns his focus on his drink as Chris has an escape door Earn does not see until the last second. As Darius tries to get back to his VIP seat, the bouncer does not let him in. He is missing the right color wristband. Poor Darius, typical Atlanta nightlife is not set up to let you be great. Darius goes home.

Earn, really upset about that escape door situation, vents to the bartender about being at the club. She keeps refilling his shot glass even though he hates shots then reminds him that he doesn't have to be there and that he doesn't look like the usual type.

Paperboi is still busy with his new ladyfriend as the bartender schools Earn on how the club works and why people come. She even let him know that he was there to 'feel good about himself and stunt' in his own way of being a rapper's manager. Checkmate.


Paperboi is starting to see how a bit of the night has got to his head and he doesn't know anyone in his section. He's feeling a bit used and confused so he kicks everyone out of his section. Well, he keeps the females in the section until the DJ announces that the NFL player Marcus Miles bought the entire bar and now owns the liquor in the club. The club basically gets shut down cause no one can buy alcohol. Welp!

The bartender nicely gives Earn the clue he needs to get to Chris once and for all but at this point, he is drunk so isn't as effective. Once he stumbles into the office, he throws up on the floor before he tells Chris to give him their money. Chris tells him that all they get is $750 and if Earn doesn't take it, the guns are coming out. Paperboi tries to get his ladyfriend's number before she tells him that he can follow her on Instagram and that she has a boyfriend. She reminds him that he came to the club to 'party with cute girls and have a good time' so she did her part. Earn turns up to tell Paperboi that he didn't get all the money and he's just not as scary as he is.


Paperboi charges in Chris' office and roughs him up for his money. Chris gives him a handful of hundreds and Paperboi slaps him with the bills before they leave. Later in the parking lot, shots go off and the invisible car speeds off hitting several people on the way out. Earn, Paperboi, and Darius end up at a diner laughing about the night until the news comes up about the nightclub shooting. Paperboi is a suspect. Great episode. I really hope Donald brings a lot of the stories told full circle.


- Why does Earn have on the same shirt?

- Will Paperboi be questioned in the shooting?

- Did Marcus Miles drive off in the invisible car or was that the shooter OR is Marcus Miles the shooter?