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The Jacket: Atlanta S1, E10 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

While this last episode of Atlanta left some of us confused, mostly we were all happy that Earn got paid, took care of Van, and somewhat took good care of himself by the end of this episode.

After all that Atlanta brought us this season, Earn made a bit of a 180 and I am interested in seeing where it goes next season. Let's get into it.

First Things First then we Recap:

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The show begins with Earn being told to wake up by the annoyed house party host that's your best friend until you mess up their house during the turn up. Now their claiming 'we cool, but we ain't cool,' stuff like that. Earn inquires about Alfred and is told that they left a while back. Then the search for his jacket begins. D.R.A.M.'S Broccoli is this episode's theme song and pretty fitting for what happened last night apparently.

He calls Alfred thinking he grabbed the jacket, but no luck there. His search continues as he passes several people dressed as cows getting their free Chick-fil-a sandwich. We see Earn eating one as he arrives to a strip club looking for the jacket.

Earn begs door security to let him look for his jacket but it doesn't work and further, security tells him it isn't there. Earn gives him $10 to get in the club to look for the jacket. It wasn't there. There was a stripper that wanted to be in a Paperboi video and wouldn't let down about being hired.


Earn has a revelation to review last night's shenanigans on Snapchat. From shots to an Uber sing-a-long to more shots, Earn figures he can find his jacket with the help of Alfred. Once he catches up with the guys, on the couch where all the season started, he calls the Uber driver from Alfred's phone. Yes! The Uber driver has the jacket!

Well, the Uber wants to charge Earn $50 to drop it off. Earn asks Alfred to take him to get the jacket. We are all wondering why this jacket is so important. I mean I do have jackets I love but I can't think of any I have right now I would be so eager to retrieve after a night of partying. We all have our favorite things.


While waiting for the Uber driver outside his house, Earn gets a call from a rapper named Senator K. He wants to tour with Paperboi and will get back in touch with more info later. They've for some time when Alfred starts to get paranoid. He looks around wondering why the street is so quiet in the middle of the day. No cars have driven by and there is barely any movement happening. Not taking any chances, Alfred starts the car and begins to take off before a black van with sirens cuts in front of his exit. Cops hop out of the car, with guns pointed at them, yelling get out of the car.


The cops have Alfred, Darius, and Earn get out of the car and put their hands up while they search for weapons and question them about Fidel, who turns out to be the Uber driver they are waiting for.

Quick scene turn and Fidel is running out of the home away from the police. He has Earn's jacket on. The cops are order to 'take him' and shots go off. He is dead. There were at least 12 shots. Did they really need all them bullets. Truly messed up situation, but Earn needs something out of the jacket despite this brutal police murder. What he's looking for is not in the jacket pockets. Hell, if it was, the police officers didn't care and shooed him away quickly.


Losing his jacket sucks but Earn wins a little bit by getting a wad of money from Alfred for being his manager. For once this season, he did good. Accepting his payment, Earn heads to Van's house instead of hanging with the guys. He can finally 'earn' his keep with Van and his daughter.


After dinner with his ladies, Earn and Van hit the couch for some TV and cuddling. A knock comes at the door and its Earn's coworker Justin. Justin has a key for Earn! It was from his jacket last night cause he figured he'd get too drunk and something would happen to it. :praise hands: We all have those nights.

With the key back in his hands, he gives Van the wad of money he got from Alfred and goes home. Van reminds him that he can stay, but Earn is pressed to head out.

Earns begins a walk through Atlanta to his next destination. He arrives at a storage facility with a ton of stuff in it. Walking into what is assumed his storage space, Earn turns on a light and crashes while looking at the $200 he kept for himself from the wad of cash.Through it all, Earn has managed to make a little something of himself. The soundtrack to the entire last scene - Outkast "Elevators (Me and You)". So perfect, so fitting, so meaningful. Their music director should get a raise.

It's been really fun (and time-consuming) doing show recaps for the first time. I can't wait until Season 2. There were so many unanswered questions but so many revelations of the Black experience. I'd like to say I learned something each episode. Until next season, keep on keeping on.