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The Streisand Effect: Atlanta S1, E4 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

This wasn't one of my favorite episodes but it did have strong A and B plots which is always admirable. I also wish the name of the episode was different because I feel like Earn and Darius's storyline this time around was more interesting. I digress.

What I love about this episode is Earn's shirt. It's just so telling of the entire episode considering both plot lines. Let's get into it.

First Things First then we Recap:

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The show intros with Alfred aka Paperboi coming out of what I believe to be a strip club, to join Earn smoking. I worked in a strip club as a waitress for a year. It was a huge learning experience and turning point in my life. It was ultimately how I learned anything about drugs, hood activity, money. etc. Atlanta Strip Clubs are also where most music is played before it hits radio so I can imagine that might be why they were there.

Enter an Asian-looking character, who we will learn is Zan. He does the most when trying to hop in Earn and Alfred's conversation. It's mostly awkward and just weird. Zan even tries to play Beyonce's bodyguard when Darius comes around the corner to catch up with them. Zan apologizes.

Zan snaps their picture with one of his hats before Alfred shoos him away. This episode's intro song is "Philosopher's Throne" by Xavier Wulf.


Earn wakes up in Alfred's house....on the couch. Guess he still hasn't made it back to Van's place after his proclamation last week.

Alfred exclaims that Zan is now online talking shit about him and begins to respond to his comments vigorously after watching a video. Earn and Darius have to head out but Earn repeatedly tells him don't feed into the BS. Alfred doesn't listen.


In the car headed to their destination, Darius leads a conversation about how and why Aids was created. I'll leave that conversation for you to watch but Darius did reveal that he is Nigerian. :heart eyes emoji: I'm Nigerian too!

They arrive at the shop for Earn to pawn a cell phone while Darius browses. Being offered $190 for the phone, Darius tells him he can help him get more money if he trades the phone for a sword. A fucking sword. Well now that we know Darius is Nigerian, we know he is bout his money. Earn agrees with the trade and they head to another spot per Darius' recommendation.

In the meantime, Alfred keeps watching different videos that Zan is putting up targeting him and his horrible attempt rap and showing these videos to people. At a local bar, Alfred gets readily upset about the things Zan is saying because he believes he is exploiting hip hop and his lifestyle. The bartender later mentions where he can find Zan and Alfred heads that way. Zan also keeps saying the word "Nigga" in these videos and in person but no one can confirm his ethnicity so no one can stop him. Sound familiar?


Words mean things. So it does matter. Moving on. :steps off soapbox: Earn and Darius pull up to a warehouse surrounded by Asians with the sword in tow. Ern looks a little weary of where they are as his eyes move across the room and he waits for Darius. They wait to complete their transaction and receive a dog (I think it's a pitbull) as payment but Earn still isn't capturing where he money is going. They move on to their next stop. "YOU DON'T WANT PEOPLE OUT HERE TO KNOW HOW YOU MOVE."

Alfred pulls up to a pizza spot and Zan exits. It appears he is a delivery boy for the company and headed to make a run. Alfred confronts him face to face but Zan tells him to hop in the car with him. Contemplating, he hops in the car and explains that Zan is messing with his wellbeing and that there is no money in rap. Zan is very playful and sarcastic in his responses, telling Alfred that he is exploiting his life through rap and that he is exploiting him exploiting his rap. Basically, Zan is an influencer that is exploiting everything that we give value to on Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. It's all money, right? Alfred hops out of the car and realizes that Zan has a point but he is not gonna stay for the continued fuckery.


Darius and Earn reach another destination which the dog. Darius assures Earn that he is gonna make $2K-$4K as they hand over the dog. As the man who takes the dog walks away, Earn once again is wondering where is the money.


Darius tells him that the money will be available in Sept once the puppies breed from this dog they just handed over. Earn immediately stresses and tells Darius that he is too poor to invest, he needs the money now for Van and his daughter. Both did not realize what the other needed or was doing. Darius offers him a phone to pawn right now. Earn dismissed it before finally taking it and reflecting on the hood of the car.


1. Is Darius really Nigerian?

2. Why does Paperboi go to the same gas station everytime?

3. Is Hip Hop exploiting a poor Black man's illegal hustle?

4. I still want to know if Earn will get a new job? It's not that hard.