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Value: Atlanta S1, E6 Recap

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

This was the breakthrough episode for Van. We learned quite a bit more about her. She is really cute. I'd love to be her friend. By the looks of this episode, she needs some new ones. Everyone isn't meant to be your friend for every season. Anywho, let's get in to it.

First Things First then we Recap:

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Episode 6 puts us in a restaruant with a girl in all white is waiting for someone to join her. Intro song is The Ebonys "Forever". It sounds amazing and very pleasant than what we're used to starting the show with.

Van rolls up looking great and it's clear that this is someone from her past, or present for that matter when they hug. We're not sure who just yet. As they begin talking we meet Jayde. She's a friend from her past with a booking email on her Instagram page. You can only imagine what they are booking. She basically that one friend that has gone off and has created the ultimate Instagram lifestyle. I spoke too soon when I said I was partially like her. Jayde travels the world with different athletes and uses this dinner opportunity to remind Van how much better her life is than hers. She basically that one friend that has gone off and has created the ultimate Instagram lifestyle. I spoke too soon when I tweeted I was partially like her. The chick is rude and a side heaux. Jayde begins to question Van's situation. While Jayde is running the earth providing her "cultured services" to different professional ball players, Van is working a 9-5 with her daughter in mind as Earn still floats around.


They get into a bit of a screaming match until their food arrives. Silent tension fills the table as Jayde reaches for her camera to snap a pic of her meal. Her level of basic, especially in that moment, was entirely too much.


Jayde's ballplayer arrives to take care of the check and take them out for the rest of the evening. He is with a friend that is entirely too touchy on Van. She immediately leaves the dinner uninterested and Jayde finds her in the parking lot headed to her car. Van's not into hanging out with them, confronting Jayde that she always leaves her with the "ugly" one. Jayde apologizes and admits she effed up. Somehow, she able to turn Van's frown upside down with a blunt, just like old times. I guess a cup of crushed ice from Racetrac with switch up my attitude too.

Van wakes up after her night out Jayde to a phone reminder that she has a drug test at work today. She calls Jayde looking for a remedy to passing the test and of course she is no help. That is to be expected.

Earn comes over to pickup their daughter and Van is able to get Alfred's number for advice on cheating the test.

As she is taking the diapers to the dumpster, she has an epiphany! Squeeze out my baby's piss from the diapers. What a journey just to pass a drug test. I thought drinking excessive water works. Especially after only a few hours.

After a science experiment in the kitchen of getting pee from the diapers, she put the liquid in a condom and taped it to her thigh per Alfred's advice.

On her way to the office for her drug test, Van is stopped by a colleague about an unruly student in her classroom named Tobias that is dressed in white face and freaking her out. Van basically tells her to get over it and have another colleague come get the kid. Continuing on, Van reaches the bathroom for her test and prepare to release the liquid by biting into the condom. Biting a rubber object.

Van busted the condom in the bathroom and did not complete her test. Total fail and now she has to meet with her boss about not submitting her test.


Van is called into her boss' office only to be notified of the obvious - she did not submit her drug test. Van admits to her that she smoked weed. To Van's relief, her boss responds that everyone smokes weeds and the drugs tests are not sent off; they are simply there to "keep everyone on their toes".

Next, her boss fires her because ultimately Van has admitted to using an illegal substance. Considering her role in a school and it's been spoken to a superior, she's got to go.

It really isn't fine but she has a week to figure it out. Back to Tobias. Well Van is running ISS (In School Suspension) and look who is now freaking her out....

I am really curious how Van is gonna bounce back from this. She was the only one in the home making stable money and it's always your basic friends getting you into complex situations. Per @dstarwriter69, "Friends who don't have anything to lose, will have you losing everything."

This would be a great time for Earn to step up and get his money right. Paperboi won't last long. No questions this time around. Until next week!